Here at Poplar Park you can choose from private, semi-private, shared or class lessons.  We encourage people to fulfill their potential, but never push too hard.  Lessons can cover a variety of disciplines including flatwork, pole work, grid work, jumping a course, xc jumping and le trec.

If you love jumping our xc lessons are not to be missed: once you have mastered the basics and practised fences individually head out on course with Jon or Bo and ride a complete circuit as a pair following their horse!  Adrenalin rushes don't get much better than this and the horses simple adore it.

To help develop riding skills some find it helpful to be given demonstrations, or to have their lesson recorded so they can watch at their leisure and understand where development is needed.  It can also be beneficial to have lessons on the lunge to enable the rider to establish their alignment whilst the instructor controls the horse.  Separately or combined, these are great training tools and we are happy to share them with you.

We are now pleased to be able to offer driving lessons with our super little pony 'Bubbles'.  She is suitable for both adults and children to learn carriage driving skills with.



PRIVATE LESSON £55 45 - 50 mins


SEMI-PRIVATE (2 people) £40 per hour


SHARED LESSON (3 people) £35 per hour


CLASS LESSON £30 per hour








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